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When Baby Meets Doggy

Dog Fights: What Do You Do?
Competitive Play: To Tug or Not to Tug?
Agility for the Big Dog
Before You Buy the Big Puppy: Important Considerations



Possession Agression — ASPCA Companion Animal Services
Handling On Lead Aggression — Flying Dog Press
Dealing with the Overly Aggressive Dog — Ed Frawley
When is a Growl Not a Grumble? Interpreting Your Rottweiler's Vocal Tendencies — B. McNinch
Solution to Aggression — C. W. Meisterteld
Dog Aggression — Brandy J. Oliver, MA

Who's in Charge Here? A Lesson in Becoming Alpha — Vicki Rodenberg De Gruy
Canine Dominance Revisited — David Appleby, APBC
Taming the Dominant Dog — Robin Kovary
Dealing with the Dominant Dog — Ed Frawley
Avoiding or Correcting Dominance Problems — Rebekah L. James

Dog Fights
Dog Fights — V. Gibbs
Breaking Up a Dog Fight — Linda Weisser
Sibling Dog Fighting — Larry Lachman, MS, MA

Dog Bites
Dog Bite Prevention — American Veterinary Medical Association
Training a Dog to Bite the Family Child — BehavioRx
Dogs That Bite Children. Is There Hope? — BehavioRx

Collars and Leashes
Prong Collar Info — Janice Frasché
To Pinch or Not to Pinch — Dog Owner's Guide
Training with the Prong Collar — Flying Dog Press
Collar vs. Harness — Brandy J. Oliver, MA
Collars and Leashes — Kathi Randall
Choke Chain (Slip) Collars: How to Place One on a Dog —
Halter Collars: Uses and Benefits —
Introducing Your Puppy to Collars and Leads —

General Dog Training Links
Doctor P's Dog Training and Behavior
Obedience Training Your Dog — Dog Owner's Guide
Dog Training Basics — Pam Young, L.V.T.
Leerburg Library Articles on Dog Training
Dog-Play: Behavior, Socialization, and Training
Raising Your Dog with the Monks of New Skete

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