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Some Famous Great Dane Owners

During his youth, William "Buffalo Bill" Cody owned one of the first Great Danes imported into the United States. "Turk" was so loved that when he died, rumor has it that he was buried in the family plot.

World War I German flying ace Manfred von Richthoven (also known as the "Red Baron") not only shared a bed with his Great Dane but flew with him as well. "Moritz" shared the cockpit with his master during several of his important aerial dog fights.

Before becoming an international action film star, martial artist Bruce Lee used to jog through the streets of San Francisco with "Bobo," his Great Dane, as part of his daily training regimen.

International male model and romance novel cover-boy Fabio owns three fawn-colored Great Danes named Apache, Geronimo, and Thor.

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