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Canis Max is short for the Latin expression canis maximus, which literally translates as "the largest dog." For the purposes of this web publication, we have defined the canis max as any breed of dog for which the weight of a healthy male commonly exceeds 100 pounds (approximately 45 kg). This would include Akitas, Irish Wolfhounds, Newfoundlands, Rottweilers, and Saint Bernards, to name just a few of the more familiar breeds. Any comparably-sized mixed breed would also qualify as a canis max. A seriously overweight smaller breed would not.

Our mission is to promote the safe, responsible, and enjoyable ownership of larger canine breeds and mixes. Our goal in publishing this web site is to dispel some of the negative stereotypes about big dogs while, ultimately, informing and entertaining our readers.

Our decision to publish Canis Max was the direct result of our inability to find one good source of information about living with and caring for large dogs. While we were able to find a few good general dog magazines on the newsstand and a number of equally fine web sites, most of their content did not address our specific needs and concerns as big dog owners. Publications devoted to individual breeds, on the other hand, tended to come across as overly pretentious, routinely dismissing the companion dog in favor of show dogs and breeding stock. With Canis Max, we hope to bridge the gap between these two types of sources.

We do not breed dogs, show dogs, or train dogs (except our own, of course). What we have to offer is a wealth of information gathered from our years of reading on the subject of dogs in general and large dogs in particular. We do lots of research and ask questions – lots of questions – of individuals in dog-related professions. With Canis Max, we hope to pass some of this information along to our readers.

This site contains a wealth of useful information on a variety of topics such as training and obedience, health and diet, and products and services, all with the large dog specifically in mind. In addition, we offer pages on the individual breeds, complete with listings of clubs and associations to contact, publications to consult, and links to sites to visit for more information. Finally, we offer articles and links to a number of miscellaneous sites with large-dog-related history, humor, news, etc.

Canis Max was originally a quarterly print magazine, first published in June 1996. We ceased publication after only four issues because the company handling its distribution went bankrupt, owing us a considerable sum of money. However, at that time, our magazine was available in more than 200 bookstores across the U.S. and we had subscribers from as far away as Malaysia. Our magazine even received mention in the nationally-syndicated newspaper column "Animal Beat" in an article about petzines. We sincerely hope that Canis Max, the web site, meets with the same enthusiastic reception.

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Contents of this site, except where otherwise indicated, are © 2001 by Canis Max.