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On May 22, we reached two important milestones — six months on the web and our 10,000th visitor. We also made the decision not to try and attempt monthly updates to the site but to concentrate instead on adding new links and articles whenever it seemed appropriate.

As always, we ask our readers to submit suggestions for links and articles that we can add to our site, and encourage breeders and owners of other dog-related businesses to help support our efforts by advertising with us.

S I T E   C O N T E N T S

About Us

The Breeds
— a list of the 43 breeds that we qualify as "canis max" with links to individual pages featuring general information and further links to external breed-specific web sites

— big dog training tips and links to sites featuring information on aggression, dominance, dog fighting, dog bites, collars and leashes, and general dog training

— articles on health and diet as well as links to a number of sites which deal with specific diseases and conditions which afflict large and giant breeds

— Products, services, publications, etc., for large- and giant-breed dogs and their owners

— articles and links to sites dealing with big dog people, places, news, history, arts and literature, and fun stuff

Advertising Information

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